Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mood Board Monday: Celebrity Inspiration

I want to start making the mood boards a more regular appearance around here, because searching out things is fun...and I end up finding lots of things that I want to add to our house as we redo things (which I suppose may not be a good thing haha - end up costing me lots of moolah!) Although, considering we're using Jennifer Aniston's clothes for inspiration (which she was wearing on set of her movie Wanderlust) this whole room probably costs a third of what just that jacket costs! Lets take a look at the celebrity inspiration for today:

The thick leather jacket, swede cowboy boots, bold black rimmed glasses...I love it...wish I could pull it off...but alas, I have not the style, or the money, or the legs :( It's a pretty basic outfit, doesn't really come with a bunch of embellishments, but it is a great jumping off point for a room. Out of my "magic room decider hat" I pulled living room. HA! Perfect, although it would've been nice for something like bathroom to pop up, just to make it a bit harder haha. I'll take living room though...leather & swede, pretty traditional living room pairings. Here's what I came up with:
So, whatcha think? It's fairly manly, it'd look pretty good in a mancave too eh? I wanted to go with the black and white colour scheme, while still trying to keep the feel of the room warm & cozy. Paint the walls white, and go with black for the trim...gasp, what? Black trim? Yes, black trim...its works, check out how it looks here and here if you don't believe me.

1. First up, the spot to house the TV. This is a great stand, with covered storage, which is a bonus. You can get the complete plans to make it yourself from You can make it yourself, save a ton of money, and can brag to everyone that you're the bees knees becuase you make your own shiznat! Obviously, to fit in with the black and white "theme" we've got going on, paint it a nice glossy black.

2. Break up the dark, heavy couch & TV stand with two white armless chairs, like this one from Target. It gets bonus points for being called Becca! I would not be above buying a chair just because it's named after me. (3)Accessorize the chair with a brown suede pillow like this one from Etsy, and a nice cozy throw, like this brown & white reversible one. Swap out some of the dark pillows on the couch with some lighter, white ones. If you want to make this room a little less "manly" than pillows are a great way to do it, because you can add some ruffles, or a bold pattern, to instantly, girly it up a bit!

4. To break up some of the monotony of the black and white (and to tie into a different part of Jen's outfit) a fun recycled denim rug adds some colour, and a nice feeling for your feet. Plus, think of all the jeans that are being saved from a long, sad, lonely life at a landfill...and since it's from the kids department it's a LOT cheaper than you'd normally pay - for something in the same size.

5. I love this coffee table, it has modern, coppery coloured metal legs (drawing from the copper coloured zippers on Jen's jacket) and the reclaimed wood top is more on the rustic side - and also has the added bonus of helping the environment. Reclaimed = happy earth. The top can be stained a dark colour, left light, or even painted white.

6 & 7. This side table, and round light (both from West Elm) are fun, and with the wood tones, help to balance out all the black and white (much like Jen's boots). Plus the long, lean shade is a lot like the long, lean Jen.

8. The can't really be called a living room without having some sort of a couch can you? This couch from Teppermans, fits this room perfectly, the base is black leather, and the cushions are a micro-suede...nifty. The cushion colour options also include black, so even more perfect. PLUS (and this is my favourite part) it's a sectional with a chaise lounger. I.Love! I would like a sectional with a chaise in every room of the house. Can't you just imagine getting out of the shower and toweling off while sitting on a chaise? It takes all the danger out of drying yourself when standing! Hehe, ok, so maybe I wouldn't put one in the bathroom, but I really do love sectionals.

9. Last up, we have a bold piece of metal art that will hang over the couch, and is again pulled from Jen's zippers, and ties in with the base of the coffee table. One last piece to to help tie different aspects of the room together.

So there we go. Thank you Ms. Anniston for some room makeover inspiration.

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