Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Good Bye Rent!

Our last rent payment came out 15 days ago...and it feels pretty good. To know we'll have that extra $800 for December, to use on kitchen stuff. It is nice to not have to worry about rent anymoe...although there is that similarly pesky thing, called a mortgage we do have to worry about. At least that is getting us somewhere though.
 As I was sitting in my livingroom yesterday, half boiling, because they have the heat cranked - and we have no in unit controlls - and half freezing, becuase we had to door open trying to cool the room down; I got to thinking about all the things that I would definitely NOT miss after we've moved out. As I was thinking, someone, somewhere started to smoke, and it was wafting in through our open window. So, close the window, go back to boiling, and add another dislike to my list!
  Here are 10 things we will gladly say goodbye to in about a month.

10. Having to jockey for a covered parking spot in the winter - I park down there year round, so I feel it is my right to have whatever pull through spot - other people apparently don't feel the same. The trick is, if you have a spot, DON'T LEAVE, becuase if you do, your spot will be gone. (hello garage)

9. After you finally do manage to find a spot, it is a bit of a walk into the apartment - not so far that you're needing a rest, but far enough that there's plenty of time to slip and fall on your ass, spilling your grocery bags all over the parking lot, injuring your pride for a good 10 minutes, becuase that's how long it takes you to pick up your groceries. (Not that I would know from experience or anything) (Hello short walk from garage to house)

8. Now that you've picked yourself (and your groceries) of the ground, and continue to do that stupid slip, slide, shuffle (you know the one I'm talking about) to the door, it takes you two keys to get in. You have to put all your groceries down, then open the door. That's why places like Price Chopper/No Frills are good, becuase then you can just kick the box down the hall to your home, where you use the second key to get inside. (Bringing groceries in sucks no matter where you live, that's why you make your big stong husband go with you on "big" shopping days, so he can "prove he's a man" and carry in all the bags himself.)

7. As I mentioned earlier, having no heat control in the unit. They turned the heat on bright and early, and we have been slowing cooking ever since. They turned the heat on when we still had the airconditioner running! (Hello heat/cooling controll)

6. I order stuff online. I find a ton of great deals, so instead of buying something in some store, I be reclusive and order from the comfort of my home. While these packages would fit in a normal mailbox, they do not fit in our impossibly small mailslot, so I have to make an extra trip (if I'm not home to let them in - which I'm usually not) to go pick up my package. Something sort of trivial, but something that bothers me all the same. (Hello "no need to sign" sticker going on my window, so packages can just be left on the porch)

5. Being on the mainfloor has it's own, unique set of issues. For one uses your front door. If we didn't use it to keep out the miscreants, then really it would serve no purpose. Becuase every one just hops our pathetic little shrub fence, and comes in our patio door. That erks me...but Jason likes that he doesn't have to get up to let someone in. Ummm...hello?! Yes you do. Our door is unlocked, they buzz my cell and I let them in vs. knock, knock, knock, at the patio...get up, take out the stupid stick, unlock the door, then open it. The latter is a lot more moving if you ask me! He probably doens't seem to mind, because it's alwasy me getting up to open it haha. (Hello front door that gets used - and we even get a doorbell, what what!?)

4. Not being able to leave windows open when we're not sucks. We had a number of days this summer that were nice and breezy, and dind't need to have the air conditioner running...but since we're right off the parking lot, easy to break into, we couldn't leave our windows open to air out the place. We didn't have to pay for the use of the air conditioner so it wasn't as big a deal, just more of a pain in the butt. (Hello central air and back yard windows)

3. On a few of those nice days that I was home, you can't leave the windows open for too long, becuase some person with a death wish starts smoking above us, and it gets sucked in, and I start choking, and it's not a pretty sight. I put up with second hand smoke enough with my dad, I don't need it from you random stranger, thank you very much! (Hello neighbours that are far enough away!)

2. Speaking of neighbours, the ones we have upstairs should be nominated for worlds loudest, everything. I don't think they realize they live in an apartment. If my broom handle was long enough, and not made out of flimsy plastic I totally would have banged on the ceiling almost daily. They are loud walkers, droppers, music players, talkers, pee-ers, love makers. They have an annoying 8(ish) year old son, and two giant dogs, that just about catapult themselves over the balcony when anyone walks by. Good friggin' rittance! (Hello no upstairs neighbours - no upstairs at all really haha)

It was a toss up between the McLouderson's upstairs and what won out for the #1 thing we're looking forward to saying bye bye too. It was a close race, but in the end, we just couldn't wait to escape... 

1. OUTLETS THAT OUR PLUGS FALL OUT OF!!! (We have two in the whole place that we are confident we can plug something in and leave it alone - one is in the bathroom, and the other is behind the couch, so clearly not very practical) Jason's phone charger has to be plugged into the bottom in the bedroom becuase it's lighter, then mine above it, so when mine falls out a bit it can rest against his charger and still charge haha...but be careful not to search to fiercly for the end that goes in your phone, because then it might fall outta the wall :S I have also been happily cooking something in the crok-pot, when I bump the stove, and the cord falls out. Twice that's happend without me realizing it - then we have to wait hours longer for our food to be ready. I am done wiggling, and jiggling, and taping and praying until it works. (Hello new recepticals! Also, hello enough outlets in a room!) 

I don't really think there is anything I'll miss about renting, and our apartment in general. It was a good experience (for Jason especially) getting used to paying bills and taking care of know being an "adult" in general. But we are definitely ready to move on to bigger and better things. 

Update: Jason doesn't feel as though he is being properly represented here. He says he could care less about packages and letting people in the patio (told ya) what he is most looking forward to is more space. Not so we will feel less cramped, but becasue that way he can "party" while I "sleep" and it won't bother me. You see I have been known to turn all wicked witch from the west when it's 2am and I am trying to sleep, but he has friends out in the livingroom making noise & being boisterous & partaking in all sorts of shenanigans. He doesn't like that I come out yelling...I don't like that he is disturbing my sleep. It was an impasse if you will. When we move, he has plenty of options...I can go to bed upstairs and he can be pretty much anywhere (other than the livingroom, right below) making noise, that I shouldn't hear. That is Jason's #1 thankful to be moving reason...although he says he is equally excited (ok, maybe not EQUALLY...but I count anything he admits any sort of happiness to a victory) about the better quality outlets haha.

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  1. Hahahaha this post made me laugh heavily.. especially #2.