Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Colour Files: Dining Room

Since we can't afford to put all new floors in every room right away (what with the kitchen renovation and all), we have to make do with what we have. After we finish the kitchen, we plan on doing the floors in the living room & entry next, because that's what people will see first when they walk in our house, and we are SOOOO over the blue carpet out there. While the dining room carpet is nasty & mottled, it is not it is a bit easier to work with haha. 
   I don't mind painting, but I also don't particularly enjoying doing it if I don't have to, so we only want to have to paint the dining room once (until I'm ready to change it again hehe). So we have to pick colours & decor that will "go" well with the current carpet, but will also look good when we put the new floor in. (We are hoping to install a medium-ish colour) I know what kind of look I am going for, but am having trouble choosing the exact colours that would be perfect for the room. I have narrowed it down to my favourite three, (and there are ones that I am leaning more towards) so I would like your assistance, help me choose the right colours.

Ok, so I wrote that above part obviously before we bought the lovely floor that we are now going to put in here. And while we now have floor, I am no closer to deciding which colours I like best.

Here are my favourite three colours for the main walls: many different names can you be called? Cream is essentially the colour I am looking for haha. All of the above colours are by Benjamin Moore, and they are fairly similar. the first, "canvas", has more pinky undertones, next up is "cotton tail", which is a more true "cream" colour, with the yellowish undertones. Lastly is "white marigold", and has more greyish undertones. Any of them would be fine on the walls, the trouble comes when trying to pair with with a brown for the accent wall. We plan on painting the wall with the window a brown colour, to add some dimension in the room (because 4 cream walls is a bit boring...and we are NOT boring people) Here are my 3 favourite brown choices:

First up is "appalacian brown", then "mustang" (even though all mustangs I know are purple!), and last but most certainly not least, "night horizon." Again, these are all by Benjamin Moore, and again, are all perfectly delicious on their own, but may not be the perfect match with each cream. Here they are together now:

Here are all the selections paired together...just in case you needed a hand visualizing. Like I said, I have one pairing that I am leaning more towards, but I want everyone's opinion, which do you like best, which pairing do you think would work best in our dining room? In terms of what we're doing with trim, it will be a pure, crisp white (the trim is along the bottom - where the walls meet the floors, surrounding the window, and the opening into both the hall and the kitchen) So there's the first sneak peek into the dining room...we'll keep you updated with

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