Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Etsy Six-Pack

Alrighty, round two of the Etsy Six-Pack is a collection of some of my favourite shops. Most of which I have ordered from and totally recommend. So, here's this weeks eye candy...enjoy!

First up we have Ananya. She makes the most delightful dresses and skirts...and the best part? They're cheap. Not in the Oprah's favourite things cheap - you know, where she says it's cheap, but costs a bajillion dollars - actual people cheap! Like those dresses with the  adorable ruffled neck line & pockets, are only $60!

Woodstorming is a great little shop that specializes in hand made wooden goodies. I ordered a ring box from them, and it unfortunately got broke in the mail, and they shipped me a new one! It was excellent! I think the reason I love this shop so much, is because it reminds me of all the things my Papa used make, and I will no longer get to receive & enjoy, since he has no shop :(

Harry Potter fans (or those lucky enough to know any hard core HP fans like me) Celeste Fritatta is a great place to get your notebooks for all those Hogwarts classes you'll be taking. I think potions might be my favourite...because really, Professor Snape is a hard ass, so a pretty book will help take my mind off him.

I could seriously buy just about everything from quality covers...I have already ordered that ruffled laptop bag in gray, I cannot wait until it shows up! I'm gonna start toting that laptop everywhere I go, just to look cute hehe. They have covers for just about anything, in just about every colour and style. I want one for my phone. (hint, hint for Christmas hehe)

Cyberoptix is who we ordered the guys ties from for our wedding. And they were SUCH a hit. Everyone loved the crazy funky designs of them. Ties are such a fun way to add some drama to an outfit. Jason - who everyone knows hates getting dressed up like a fat kid hates veggies - loved them so much he actually voluntarily ordered two more for other weddings we had. You can trick your man into dressing up by distracting them with punchy designs, it's flippin' amazing!

Taking it in a completely different direction (you know, not so homemade - and more old) LaPomme somehow manages to find uniquely sweet antiques that would look good in any room, no matter what your decor. I love the "love" pears, which come in 3 different sizes...I have many ideas on how to incorporate them into our home haha. 

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