Friday, 18 November 2011

Etsy Six-Pack

Back again for another Etsy six-pack...I feel like they'd be better suited for Fridays, becuase really, you'd be more likely to drink a six-pack heading into the weekend...and since I base all my decisions around when it's appropriate to drink a lot, Friday's shall be the day.

First up is SolBijou, they have some great wedding related products. Be it a gorgeous statement necklace, or pretty clutches to give as a bridesmaid gift, or little flower girl slippers, they know what they're doing. They even have some "non-traditional" type things, like a broach bouquet...anything to help make your day that much more special.

If you're anything like me, you could spend hours browsing through the felt menagerie that Feltmeup Designs has. Everysingle thing in her shop is absolutely adorable. Those awesome little faces! Cute little wire feet! Look at that toucans nose! Or, if you don't feel like a real, soft, adorable felt bird, there's always Christmas cards with their pictures you could send ;)

I don't know what my favourite aspect of Book Hou At Home is. The fact they have nice, interesting products, or the fact that they're the most random assortment of products. Totes, tea towels, mobiles, alphabets...where else could you find such a fun random bunch of goodies, without leaving the confines of your comfy pants?

This is a bit of a random pick for me, because really, what right to I have to talk about fashion? ME, who has no issues leaving the confines of my comfy pants even if I am going somewhere. But here I stand, thinking if I did have style, money and the right body I wouldn't mind shopping at a place like Marinaasta. I really like the coats, they're my favourite. They look warm, but not too sure how they'd stand up to a Canadian winter. (Ugh, had to break my hat out this morning - my poor little ears got cold yesterday)

Geekling Desing...this is my favourite shop of the day I think. I'll give you 3 guesses why (and the first 2 don't count)...HARRY POTTER!!! I am not above decking my child out it hilariously awesome HP gear. I mean come on...Accio Milk! Hilarious! They have other non, Harry Potter related gear, that I felt I had to show, but lets be honest, I don't really care about that other stuff. Don't be surprised to see my child crawling around in an "I solemly swear I am up to no good" onesie with awesome leg warmers. (Deal with it Jason)

Last up, we have Love Maude. They have some cute headbands, bracelets, and bookmarks...just all around pretty embroidery related things. I think I would use that yellow headband as a bookmark, just 'cause.

In house related news, we had our inspection yesterday, no real surprises, so we're good! Lawyer approved everything, financing was approved (more on that on Monday), and inspection was pretty good, so ladies and gentelmen, we have fulfilled all the requirements, we can for sure say we have the house now! Yippee!

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