Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Man Files: Jason's "Movember"

Ok, everyone knows that Jason can't grow facial hair. If someone held a gun to my head and said grow a moustache or I die, I will unfortunately die. When he is able to grow a small, tiny bit of hair, it is platinum blonde, so you can't see it anyway. Unless the light hits it the right way...then you can see the sun glistening slightly off of something. I affectionally call my my little goat, because he can only grow hair (that you can see) on his chinny-chin-chin. We're both ok with the fact that he can't really grow hair...him, because he only has to shave like once a month; and me, because I don't have to kiss that scrapey terribleness. Although he is aware that since "hair growth" (or lack there of) generally comes from the mothers side, our 12 year old son will most likely be able to grow a much better beard than his dear ol' dad. 
 So how does Jason deal when Movember comes around? Well he grows away, and hopes like hell that you'll be able to see it by the end of the month...OR he goes out and buys some just for men to colour his face into submission. 

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. He wasn't very happy I was taking pictures, but I assured him it was something our children would want to see someday. (As well as the world wide web right now haha)

The before...really the only hair you can see is on his chin. Had to read the instructions very carefully hehe.

Mix, mix, mix!

Applying it all over.

All up on that! I am especially fond of how far up his lip he went haha. Still can't really see any lip hair can ya?

The after: it's noticeable now eh? He's actually got a moustache! I apologize for the crappy pictures, he was really not into me taking pictures of him haha. 

It was a hilarious process to witness! Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures of him before we washed it off. When I stepped into the shower, and he turned around and said, "so whatcha think?" I just about died. He looked like he was playing the homeless bum in a play. I was sorely tempted to jump out and shove a bottle of vodka in a paper bag for him. I couldn't even feel bad for laughing haha...it was that bad. His face was stained, because he wanted to accomplish the "chin-strap" effect, but had no hair to dye. So he scrubbed and scrubbed, and finally it left his face. In the end, it doesn't look that bad...pretty good actually. Takes some getting used to. He did this Friday, and I finally no longer laugh when I look at him. 

Whatcha think? Do you like it? Should he keep it? Should he do it again? I can't wait to see what it looks like when his platinum hair starts growing in again...and it's half brown half invisible hehe.

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