Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The first house tour

OK, in a bid to tide all those over who haven’t seen the house yet, and won’t get to see the house until we get possession, I have set up a sort of virtual tour for you. Floorplaner.com is a site that makes it easy to design the floor plan of your house (or whatever dream house you have in your head), and it allows you to easily visualize the changes you want to make. Dragging a line to see where a wall can go is a heck of a lot easier than taking a sledge to said wall haha. I used floor planner with every house we went through to help me visualize how I would make changes – and Jason made fun of me every step of the way – he’s just jealous that he’s not as cool as me. Now that we actually have a house that we’ll be moving into, it was even more fun to plan out our changes.

First up, we have the main floor as it currently is. As you can see, there are two front doors…the door into the living room is the original front door to the house, and where the small front porch is, the front door into the family room (the converted garage) is the main front door. The colours on the floors are the best representation I can get of what the lovely carpets look like…yes, there is that much blue! The opening from the family room into the kitchen is actually some crazy half ramp, half step combination, which just begs the question of, “WHY?” Why choose to make a ramp at all, why not just do a step? Or the opposite, a ramp and no step? I just don’t know why you’d want to attempt both haha. The kitchen really is that small, which again brings up the question of why??? Why only have a kitchen take up 6ft x 5.5ft in a room that is 10ft x 20ft? The fridge & stove were sized somewhere in between trailer & apartment size, and you wouldn’t be able to get appliances even close to that size now. (They also have some ugly, random built-in thing goin’ on in there.) The bathroom is very small and poorly laid out, which is unfortunate because it’s the only 3pc bathroom in the house. (there isn’t double sinks, that was merely to show the size of the vanity). You have about 9in of space between the tub and the vanity, which I suppose would help with our ballerina style spins that we’ve been trying so hard to master.  The door to the basement is at the end of the stairs close to the back door (but it confused me when I put the door beside the stairs – I kept wanting to think it was some fun magical transportation door halfway up the stairs. There isn’t really too much else on this floor that is noteworthy…the bedrooms are fairly small, while the laundry room is ridiculously large.

I’m not going to bother showing the basement, because it’s the same as the main floor, but unfinished, so there’s no walls up (with the exception of the main support down the middle)

The upstairs was an addition they added over the converted garage, and it just houses the master bedroom and a random 2pc bathroom. Everyone say it with me now, “WHY???” Why, when you were building an addition, would you only put a 2pc bathroom in, why not splurge on the extra $300 to add (even a crappy) corner shower? I can’t complain too much though, because at least I won’t have to attempt to go down the (fairly steep, and turny) stairs the 9 times I need to pee in the middle of the night. (this rendering of the bathroom is being slightly generous on size…there isn’t quite that much room between the toilet and the vanity.) Not too much going on here at the moment, but it is a good size, so that is a plus.

I hope that helps some people see what it looks like, and what we have to do, to make it ours. Kitchen is obviously first on that list of ours, because it is not only not functional in it’s current state (we’ve asked them to remove the appliances, and our plates won’t even fit in the upper cupboards!), but it’s bloody ugly haha. To quote my favourite, feisty, red-head, Ginny Weasley, “I’m not wearing that, it’s ghastly”…and no, I’m not being ridiculous when I say I want to wear my kitchen. I’m going to be spending more time in there than I will in most my of my clothes, so I think it’s a perfectly logical jump. I’ll take all the cricket chirps I hear as my cue to leave, tomorrow I’ll show you the altered layouts of all the changes we want to make.

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