Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Lust List: Adoption Edition

There's a bunch of updates that have been happening around here (namely in the nursery) So I should have updates this week and next (woot woot!) In the mean time - until I can get my act together to take pictures - and finish up. I'll share some adoption related goodies. There's been many things I've been lusting after regarding the child we should be adopting (hopefully) soon. I was able to work through some of that building our registry on the Baby List site - it's pretty freakin' awesome) You should check it out, it's a great way to have your registry central to one spot, and you can register places like Etsy & Chapters (score!) Anyway! Here's some things I'm lusting after...

I Heart Adoption Shirt (4T), Adoptions Gifts, Adoption T-Shirts, Birth Mother Gifts, Toddler Adoption T-Shirts

A super cute shirt on a super cute little model. I like that this is an embroidered shirt, versus the screen print.

Adoption World Map Customized Love Map  -  12x18  Silhouette Art Print     Features any colors and countries

I love this map, doesn't really apply to us this time around, but I'll be keeping it in mind for when we do our international adoption.

11"x14" archival print of 'Adoption'- limited edition of 100

I love this cute little elephant print, but unfortunately it's no longer available. (sad face) It was produced in limited quantities to help a family, so I guess I missed the  boat.

Worth the Wait - Adorable Baby Bodysuit or Toddler Tees - Perfect for New Babies or Adoptions

This cute onesie isn't really adoption specific, because any baby is worth the wait; but I definitely think it speaks to those families that have been trying and trying for a child, and finally were given that gift. Or to those who have had to wait years for their adoptions to go through, or meet their child.

Chosen (Adoption Necklace)

I think this chosen necklace (also a fundraiser) would be a great gotcha day or happy court gift for a child. Take the little pearl off and it'd even work for a boy.

Yet another cute shirt on another cute model.

I think this shirt is hilarious! I feel like it would probably be lost on a lot of people, but it would be a great conversation starter. There are a TON of other great shirts on this site as well, and the greatest this is that every single one of them goes towards helping a family cover their costs of an international adoption.

This shirt says, "Change the World for One." I love it - the model helps. This is from the company "Ordinary Hero" and they also have a number of different shirts (as well as other products) that help adoptive families. They are specific to Africa, but through their help you could potentially take your needed trips there for free. They also do a lot of work with African orphans that are over there, such a fantastic company.