Friday, 22 February 2013

Slightly Less Boring

Which could have also been titled, "People Actually Live Here?" or "Hangin' in There" or a plethora of other dumb things. We've been in the house now for 14 months, and we have put nothing on the walls. Oh, wait, that's a lie...we did change out the thermometer for an electronic programmable one. But seriously, aside from all the clutter, you'd not think anyone actually lives here, because there's nothing but bare walls all around. Like I said the other day with the Pinterest Challenge, there's a few gallery's I've been wanting to put up. So I finally did. My sister was over and we couldn't do one of the projects we were planning on doing, so I got bored and slapped up some pictures in the hallway off the kitchen.
   I'm a ding dong and didn't take any before pictures, but let's be honest, it's a hallway, why would you take a picture of it? And really, it's not even a real hallway, more like two opposing walls, that I try to dress up and pretend is a hallway to make it seem more sophisticated. So....wabam!

 It's nothing much, just stuff I had lying around, most of the pictures are mounted on wood slices, and they were up on the walls in the apartment. Here's a closer, slightly less washed out rendering.

This is also after I changed out a few of the pictures so they weren't quite so matchy matchy, and because they were missing the cutest member of our family, who often drives me places.  Beside cute little, truck driving Kai, is a papercut I did a few years ago, I think I'm going to have to change out the background though, the grellow doesn't really go with everything else. Then there's the beautiful plastic doorbell cover. We're wanting to upgrade it to a nicer wood one, but at least the pictures and art sort of distract from it. The yellow paper with the shoes is from our wedding program that I made, it's just taped up there for now. The geometric thing clipped in the giant red clothespin is a little notebook I made quite a while ago too, but I like the paper and it sort of goes with the rest of the stuff up there. The painting I've had since a friend painted it for me in grade 9! He's been around the block this little fisherman dude, but this is the first time he's actually taken up real estate on a wall. That boot is just a newspaper clipping spot holder, until I can get a little canvas to slap a quote on and toss up there (to hide the massive screw sticking out of the wall). It looks pretty good for about 10 minutes of work and absolutely no money, although it does sort of emphasize how crooked the light cover is. There's very few straight, level electrical boxes in this house and it drives me bonkers!
   Hooray for things on the wall that let you know who lives here!

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