Monday, 25 February 2013

Inspired By...Black

Too much black is bad right? No one likes black, it's cold, and dark, and goth, and shouldn't even have that prominent a role in your closet, let alone your home right? Why haters gonna hate on black so much? Embrace it, black isn't so bad. Here's some inspiration that just goes to show that black (or a really dark colour) can still be warm and inviting and doesn't scream devil worship.

If you have to do laundry...

Like this open, airy and inviting laundry room. Hello gorgeous shelves and counter - not really sure why you'd need a tv in your laundry room though.

Black and the red branches

This living room shows does a different spin on the classic black and white look.

gray exterior 
 OK, so technically this house isn't black, just a dark grey, but I seriously want to go inside and check it out. It's also an inspiration for a possible colour choice for our house when we paint it. Pulls us toward the dark side.

Julia and Chris show that black in a living room can be warm and cozy and not scary (even with a skull chillin' out on the credenza)

Neon Accents

Aside from the anxiety inducing neon pink table, I'd love to pull a book off that wall and curl up in this dark room.

origami pillow
Maybe you don't want to paint a whole room, or even a whole wall with a bold, dark colour, but that's no reason you can't throw in some fun black accessories, like this origami pillow. It'd look great in just about any room.

Charcoal walls

I love this black and white bathroom, because it's still really dark, and also because we're planning on doing dark walls in our bathroom when we redo it this year. 

Yum! The dark painted brick is the perfect back drop for adding in these bright splashes of colour. Plus, those chairs kind of remind me of the kitchen chairs I grew up with, and tulips are my fav!

Black, it's not for everyone, but it certainly can add a significant amount of drama to any space, and is a great neutral for throwing in greats pops of colour. Black has definitely been inspiring me lately.

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