Friday, 15 February 2013

Kitchen Files: Top That!

We have had many a long discussion regarding the kitchen, and it's gone through a lot of changes since it's conception phase, but it's about to go through it's biggest, and arguably most dramatic. 
   COUNTERTOPS! Holla! We were initially going to do concrete, because we could save a bunch of money and do it ourselves. But I'd always wanted to do a quartz, because well, it's better. So I took the plunge, and went and got some samples. Progressive Counters is the exclusive carrier of Cambria quartz in our area, so I paid them a visit.  The guy (Paul) I talked with was super helpful, and knowledgeable, and gave me some free samples.

 I put this up on Instagram & Facebook, and it was split pretty much right down the middle with what people think we should do. They're showing more yellowy/brown in this pic, here's more accurate representations:

The black is called "Flint Black" from their Classic collection. I like it, it's got nice depth to it, there's some clear glass looking specks that let you see down into deeper layers. It's also a bit reflective, which adds some cool dimension.

But then there's the "Whitney"  from the Jewel collection which I like better. Even Jason said he liked it better - but then changed his mind when I said I liked it the best too haha. Silly boy. It also has the cool glass like pockets that let you see into deeper layers, and some sparkle to it, which almost makes it look like it glistens. It's not so white that it would seem sterile with the white counters and tile, because it has so much grey in it, it's has much more "aggregate" than the black.

What's good about quartz you may ask? Well, it's super durable and hard, it's not going to scratch, or dent like some other types of counter. It's considerably less porous that concrete (or marble) which is fantastic because it means it won't stain - Paul told me I could even spill red wine on it and leave it overnight with no ill effects - I'm not really sure what he was insinuating with that. You never have to seal it with anything, once it's installed you're good to go...concrete on the other hand we'd have to seal at least once a year (but is recommended twice a year). Two of the biggest winning features in our minds (that help make us feel better about the cost) Cambria comes with a Lifetime Warranty, and progressive does everything for us. They come in and take pictures, and precises measurements, and they make the templates, and they make it and cut it. Then they lug it back here and install it and make sure everything looks great, and is seamed properly. While we have no issue taking on a project like making our own countertops, the piece of mind knowing that professionals will be handling things, and if we ever have any issues we have someone to call is wining out right now. Plus we realize that we kind of suck and getting things done haha, and we'd probably still be counterless this time next year if we did it ourselves.
   So we're about 90% sure we'll be going with the Cambria quartz. And while the samples are nice, they didn't really help too much, because the debate is still raging hard about which colour. I should be able to pick up larger samples when I go in to meet for the price quote.
  Hooray for the prospect of counters!

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