Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pinterest Challenge Time

It's that time of year again. The Pinterest Challenge that Katie and Sherri put on, and I always say I'll partake in, then totally drop the ball and feel all guilty. Well not this time! I do proclaim that I will finish at least one thing that I've pinned that I've been meaning to do for ever.

I've been on Pinterest almost since it's inception so I've amassed quite a significant amount of ideas, and projects I want to accomplish. Here's some things I want to get done for this challenge.

Some fun, bright, string art for the art area above the new dresser that's going in our bedroom as soon as I finish refinishing it.

A fun geometric pendant also for the bedroom, to replace the standard ugly one in there.

There's also a bunch of different art that needs to be hung in various places, it's just a matter of deciding how we'd want to do it...  


  Instagram wall


There's a bunch of other things that I'd love to try and get done for this challenge, but that's been my problem in the past. I start too many projects, then never get any done, and end up with a ton of barely started, or half finished projects lying around forever. So my goal is that by narrowing it down to only a few things (none of which I should have to go buy anything for) I should be able to get at least one thing done haha.
And if by some grace of God I manage to get everything done I'll be that much closer to a completed bedroom, which makes me happy!
   So, hopefully next Tuesday I'll have some more fun, completed projects to show off.

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