Monday, 15 April 2013

The Lust List : Baby Gear

Since we're currently on schedule to be finished our assessments and ready to be placed on the "ready to adopt" list about a month earlier than we were initially thinking, it's bumped up our timeline for having to have things for time of placement. We're hoping to get a baby through our adoption, and just like any first time parent we have nothing. I've had a number of things on my wish list from when we were just thinking of having our own, here's what I'm lusting after right now.

I've worked with, and babysat a few little ones who's parents have used glass bottles, and I really liked them. These ones are from Lifefactory and have great reviews. They're BPA free, and are easy to clean (you can throw them in the dishwasher without even taking the rubber sleeve off), and they have interchangeable lids, so it can go from a nipple bottle to a sippy bottle, to a flat cap bottle. They can grow with the child, making them a lot more environmentally friendly than most plastic ones. Plus the fun silicone sleeves give them a bit of personality! 

Ergo Baby Performance Carrier in Black and Charcoal

I don't really know too much about baby carriers, since I haven't really used them very often. But this Ergo Baby Carrier, has received some of the best reviews out of all the carriers I've looked into. It's light weight, and will fit both Jason and I, and grows with the baby, even growing with the child until they're around 90lbs. Plus it's not ugly haha, Jason gave it his stamp of approval, and since he'll most likely be the one carrying the kid in this the most that's important. We like to go hiking, and while we plan on getting an off-roading stroller, it'll be nice to have a carrier for times when the stroller just isn't practical.


Speaking of the off-road stroller that we plan on getting...the Bob Sport U Stroller is our man! I've seriously been lusting over this bad boy for eons! I've used enough strollers in my days to know what I do and don't want in a stroller. And since both Jason and I are tall it can often be a challenge to find strollers that give us enough leg room and that have a high enough handle as to not cause me more back pain. So we figured a jogging stroller would be our best bet. I like that this stroller can fit a baby from two months to up to 90lbs, and also is compatible with most infant car seats. So it's even more-so the right choice for us now, not knowing what age child we're going to get. It's a pretty kick-butt stroller, you can go pretty much anywhere with it!

In terms of a diaper bag, I want something more masculine so Jason doesn't have to be ashamed to be seen in public carrying it. While neither of these options are actually "diaper bags" they're both decent options. The first is a weekender bag, and is actually a DIY, that I could try and rope someone much more gifted than I with a sewing machine into "helping" me make. (I can think of a couple aunts and cousins). It's massive, which is both a good thing and a bad thing, because as an owner of a massive purse, you tend to shove way more in there than needs to be just because you can haha. The other option I like is actually a camera bag. Which means it's not massive, and would be better for streamlining, and only packing the essentials in the diaper bag.

The crib...probably the most essential aspect of the nursery. I love the modern lines of this white BabyLetto crib, and it has a fairly reasonable price tag as well. Because I don't know if you've noticed, but I certainly have...cribs can be bloody expensive! I like the neutrality of a white crib, over the wood tone ones that I've seen.

Since we have no idea the exact age of the child we'll be getting, we wont' be picking up a car seat until we get the call, and know what age. But we still need to know what we're going to get, because sometimes you have to make a quick decision, so we'd have to make a mad dash to pick things up. If we get a fresh out of the hospital baby, we want the Britax Bob B-Safe infant car seat, because it's light weight and matches our Bob stroller, and safe, that matters too. If we get a baby that's three months or older, this all-in-one car seat would be our best bet, and the best use of our money. It can be a rear racing seat for baby's 5-20lbs, then sits forward, and can get rid of the base and it becomes a booster seat, so you don't have to buy three different car seats.

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