Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April Organize-A-Rama

Today's the day! Of our first home visit! We're nervously & excitedly awaiting our Social Worker to get here to get the ball rolling on our in home assessments. Can't wait to let you know how it went.

In other news, since we've been cleaning our brains out this past week, getting our house as clean as it's been in a long time (honestly, it probably hasn't been this clean since we moved in haha - we used this amazing new vacuum) I realized things still aren't very well organized. There's still a lot of displacement happening up in here, because of the kitchen...but now all the cabinets are up, we really have no excuse. So in the spirit of spring cleaning, I made a little pact with myself, that once a week I'm going to have to organize at least one room (or area) in the house. I think the kitchen's a pretty logical spot to start, unfortunately I didn't have time to get all of my kitchen stuff in there before today (since we had a few other more pressing matters to take care of before, and we just ran out of time) so as soon as she leaves (and after Jason and I discuss what went down) I plan on getting all my dishes and glasses and other random goodies that belong in the kitchen up from their dungeon and away in cupboards. I'm hoping to tackle the kitchen, our bathroom, our closet, the magazine & paper issues, the blue room & the basement (and if we're feeling super ambitious the garage).


  1. whaaaat, no more bohemoth bush!?

  2. the one time commenting actually works and it's on the wrong one ahhahaha