Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nursery Mood Board: Around the World in 80 Days

Here's round two of nursery mood board inspiration. We're inching closer to having the floor laid in there, which makes my heart go pitter patter. This board was inspired by our love to travel (and my near obsession with maps), and then I found this great vintage Around the World in 80 Days movie poster and it used it as a sort of jumping off point.

Here's what I came up with.

1. Crisp Linen by Ben Moore with yellow, red and blue accents
2. Map Wallpaper by Wallpapered
3. Can't find the original link but here's a cool DIY version of an orb pendant
4. Blue striped reclaimed wood clock (could totally be a DIY project)
5. If you don't have a street sign laying around from your younger days, Etsy's got your back.
6. Water through the porthole looking print
7. A cute vintage bicycle riding dude
8. No vintage travel room is complete without a pair of vintage driving goggles.
9. A wooden mirror for baby to look at themselves (you could easily frame out an existing mirror)
10. Another print, this time of an 1899 car
12. A vintage ship print (this would be another simple DIY)
13. Just in case baby is wondering what letter their name starts with
14. A super cute elephant hook to hang...well whatever
15. A great brass floor lamp for those late night reading sessions
16. My most favourite rocker ever (I want to make our wingback look like that)
17. A simple blue pillow
18. Revamp a mid-century dresser to use as a change table (there's all sorts on kijiji)
19. A ship in a bottle always amazes me
20. Side table lamp for when the overhead light is just too bright
21. Who wants a piggy bank, when you could have a lion bank, and pretend you're on safari!
22. A red Moroccan pouf to rest your feet
24. A cool "magical thinking" rug from Urban Outfitters
25. There's no reason a laundry basket has to be ugly, this one from West Elm sure isn't
26. Cute little suitcases to house toys when not in use.
27. Little rocking bird (comes in different colours)
28. A fun vintage toy train to push around
29. A cool airplane mobile to help baby fall asleep (this is another one that one could DIY)
30. A lovely brown and white crib
31. Simple star sheets
32. A great red and gray quilt to keep the little one warm

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