Thursday, 18 April 2013

Adoption Journey : Assessment #2

We had our second assessment Tuesday and we felt it went smashingly. These are the personal individual interviews, where we have to talk about our parents and siblings and our relationship with them growing up and now. While we were still in PRIDE training we heard some horror stories from a few women saying they were in there for close to two hours and it was like they were being grilled, so needless to say I was a little nervous about it. But it was nothing like that. I was done in about 35 minutes, and she just asked a list of questions. A few of the answers were a simple yes or no, but most of them (for me at least) required much more explanation. But apparently I'm succinct and don't talk more than I need to (HA, never would've thought I'd have had that said about me) If I was succinct, then I'm not really sure what word should be used to describe how Jason's interview was haha. He was finished in 12 minutes, we're pretty sure that's some sort of record. She told us to be prepared for anywhere from 30-90 minutes. I was figuring Jason would be around 30, and I'd be closer to the hour and a half. Hooray for small miracles. We have our final (hopefully) assessment in two weeks back at our house, where we're interviewed together about our relationship. So we need to have the floor in by then (if we don't have it in, we can push back it back)
   To celebrate the happy occasion of having the quickest interviews on record we got a crib. I found a good looking crib on kijiji that came with a mattress for $50.

Not 100% fond of the honey colour, but it's solid wood, so it's workable. After we picked up the crib, we went on a little baby related date, that in my eyes was more than worth it, because it was hilarious! We went to Baby's R Us, because I wanted Jason to check out a few of the things I'd tagged as wanted (namely the stroller) Like I mentioned in the Lust List post, I reaaaaaallllllly want the Bob Sport Utility Stroller. I figured a jogging stroller would work best for us because we're both on the tall side (Jason's actually a giant in training), and the ruggedness of the larger wheels lend itself to our type of walking (mostly on trails - or his parents dirt road). We were wondering around the stroller section he pushed a few then asked which it was, I pointed to it and he said, "holy crap look at the size of the wheels!" The Bob strollers come with a "state of the art suspension system" which Jason properly tested out by bouncing it around the store laughing like a maniac. Talking about how the kids are going to be bounced while they walk, and he may or may not take curbs at high speeds just to see how high they can get. I said I didn't really like the hand brake placement - also why it needed a handbrake, he said it would come in handy when going down hills. Wouldn't want the kid to get too ahead of us. Then we both laughed at the visual of the kids barreling down a hill, just bouncing with that state of the art suspension. It was close to closing, and I'm pretty sure the employees thought we smoked something before we came in. We then moved over to the Bob dualies, he was impressed that it bounced almost as well as the single. So, stroller has been picked!

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This beauty will be added to our registry as one of the only big ticket items that will be on it, since we need to have everything by time of placement. Then we checked out the baby seats, to which he didn't have much interest because unlike the stroller, they couldn't be bounced all over the store. We also had to take a look at the baby gates, because we have to have them installed at the top and bottom of the stairs at time of placement. Unfortunately because we don't have walls for them to smoosh between, we can't go for the cheap route, boo...but the ones that have to be hardware mounted tend to look a little better. Perhaps we'll DIY something, I've seen a fair amount of nice looking ones floating around Pinterest. It's nice to have a few things crossed off our baby to-do list, and the fact that it came with more laughs and odd looks makes it that much sweeter. I seriously recommend going to Baby's R Us and rockin' out the Bob strollers, it's a guaranteed laugh.

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