Monday, 25 March 2013

Inspired By: Nursery Spaces

I've been having so much fun taking in all the different fabulous nurseries there are out there, in preparation of what we will do in our own house. I've put together a bunch of moodboards of different looks that I think are fun, but it's just not quite as fun as seeing a completed space. I've had these nurseries pinned for quite some time, they're all so fantastic. Even Jason thought a few of them were pretty cool, and that's saying something.


This fabulous small space nursery featured on apartment therapy shows off how to get the most out of a small footprint. I've seen that giant pelican poster used in a bunch of different rooms, but I like it the best in this nursery. Jason liked it too, it reminded us both of our honeymoon to Peru, where we had a run in with a few pelicans.

I love the that this is a giraffe themed nursery, but is so subtle, you'd hardly tell, it's so light and airy feeling. Not at all a cliche space. It also features a great chalkboard wall area (we're thinking of incorporating a chalk wall or area in ours), and an awesome newspaper elephant mount.

I love the pallet focal wall in this room. I know it's super trendy right now, and while I would love to put a wall like this in, Jason wouldn't be on board. I like to think I was ahead of the whole pallet trend, when I used them in wedding decor and some apartment decor. The giant D above the bed is also pretty great, I'm not sure how it's made, but you could totally DIY with a piece of plywood and a bunch of paint chip samples.

wall pattern in a nursery - inspired by chevron + herringbone pattern

I love the chevron focal wall, here it looks like they used some sort of wall paper, or panel to achieve the look, but it wouldn't be at all hard to accomplish with some tape and paint. We are also thinking of including some sort of geometric focal wall. Yet another room that features Sharon Montrose prints, it's funny that after I came across her work, I realized that a large number of my inspiration pictures also include them.

 A different view of another beautiful, calm nursery. I like the art and the mirror above the dresser change table. We're planning on using a dresser as a change table (with a bit of a twist), I think it's a great use of space, if you need a dresser in the room, why not make it do double duty? A dresser's also much easier to grown along with the child than a change table.

neutral nursery..ceiling is fabulous 

Look. At. That. Ceiling. It's fabulous isn't it? I love the juxtaposition of the black wall, and white; it's like night and day. Did I mention how great that ceiling is? It's fantastic! I've been tossing around the idea of doing a fun ceiling for quite some time, spurred on of course, but this picture.

I can't wait to get on with the nursery in our house, and bring an adorable little bambino to live in it. There's so much to do before then though, I wish finishing a room was as simple as looking at a picture you like, and POOF, there it is! We should have the gross blue floor ripped out this week though, and then we'll be putting in the nice new hardwood next week. Woot to the woot!

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