Thursday, 7 March 2013

Baby it's Cold in Here

Freezing to be exact. And in the house! Our furnace quit working Monday early morning, and it was supposed to be a fairly easy (and inexpensive) fix. Pft, yeah right, as if something in our house would go according to plan. I was cold all day Monday, but it proves that our insulation job helped a bit, because it only made it down to 15.5 degrees (from 19.5). So we stayed at the Manor (Jason's parents house) Monday night so we didn't freeze our buns off. Tuesday Jason tried to fix it again, and our gas friend determined it was something that, "[he'd] never fn seen this thing before in my life!" Well that was certainly reassuring. We're hoping that he'll be able to find this mystery part at work today, and it won't cost much more than a couple hundred, just to get us through the next couple weeks. Because if the laws of life tell us anything, we'll put a new furnace in and it'll be warm enough we won't have to use it. So for now, we're staying at Jason's parents, so unfortunately we aren't able to work on anything until we get back home.
In other news, we need a new table. Two actually, but we'll take it one at a time, try not to be greedy you know. We have a farmhouse style table currently, that's for the dining room, but we're using in the kitchen so we have a place to eat. It's not the table that came with our dining chairs, we love the chairs, especially after their makeover, and we strongly dislike the table. So naturally, the table is what we need to replace. This is pretty much what it looks like (because I forgot to take a picture)

Ours isn't painted, but other than that, this is pretty much our exact table. There's a number of reasons why it's not the table for us. The legs, and table top don't match, and the leaf is different all together. Which isn't really that big of a deal, because I was planning on refinishing it anyway so it went with the other wood tones going in there. It doesn't match the chairs, they're more of a midcentury, curvy, sleek number, while the table is clunky and chunky. Which wouldn't bother some people, but really irritates me. The legs, and hang down are really where this table looses points though. You can't sit at the end of the table without straddling the two posts, which is not only unlady like, but uncomfortable. Even our skinniest of guest couldn't comfortable fit their legs in between the table legs. The lip, or hang down or whatever you want to call it also poses problems with your legs being able to fit under. It also is too small. While the underside is big, the table even with the leaf in only fits about 6 people comfortably (or as comfortable as you can be shoved underneath of it. So we've been on the hunt for something bigger, yet sleeker, that can seat 8 (preferably more) We have a large dining room so we can fit a larger table. We want something that has lower profile legs, that we can fit under, and hopefully something that goes a little better with our chairs.

We like the look of this one from West Elm. The slim lines of the metal legs, the rustic look of the top and it's large, seats 8. While I like the look of it, I'm not really certain it would look right in the dining room with the direction we're going with it.

A great midcentury option
another midcentury option

Midcentury French Black Lacquer Table
my favourite option

I like the last one the best, and it would probably be the easiest to DIY, if we could find an old base from a round table and slap on a top, and then we could definitely make sure it's the right size for us. I've been looking on kijiji and thrift stores for a while, as well as scouting out more conventional stores, since that midcentury-modern looks seems to be in right now. All we know is we'd really like a new dining room table to put in the room when we finish it, although we're not in a hurry, because we want to make sure we're able to get the right one.

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