Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Some Pieces to the Puzzle

OK, so I feel as though there is a TON I need to catch you guys up on! We FINALLY got internet, so I can get back to regular updates. Phew. Let me tell you, a month and a half without cable and internet gets mighty boring! Especially when one is off 2.5 days a week haha. 

So, first order of business - our washing machine! When we moved in, we were gifted with a washer that was straight out of 1965, that was most likely original to the house. We knew it wasn't going to last long...but we figured it'd last longer than it did! We threw in some stuff we wouldn't really mind if it got ruined, and hoped for the best. Then the noises started. It sounded like everything was all on one side of the dryer - you know, that uneven thumping sound...only nothing was in the dryer, and it was only at the agitation stage. It seemed fine, we figured it was just because it hadn't been used in a while. When I went in to check later, it smelled like burnt rubber and fire haha...not the best smell to be coming from your laundry room the day you move in! When the load was done, we went to move it over, and it was FULL of water! Like, couldn't even have fit another cup in without it overflowing! So we rung out the clothes, (which gave us ice block hands) then the plumber tried to get it to drain, but alas, it had no desire to get rid of the water...so we had to bail!

Welcome to homeownership! Thankfully we were able to get a spare washer until we're able to afford our new pretty front loaders. 

In water related, but much more exciting news...the sink and faucet are at our house! The sink weighs about 10,000lbs so we haven't had it out of the box yet, but I pull it out as far as I can and stroke it whenever I get a chance. It's beautiful, and I seriously CAN'T WAIT to install it. But first we need to build, or have built a cabinet to support it's immense weight haha. I still can't believe that I actually get to have an apron front sink in my house. I still can't really believe that I get to have my dream kitchen in my first house! Oh, the faucet is pretty too haha.

Speaking of cabinets, we have all of ours now! Although we don't have them all together - yeah I know, we're slackers. If you were paying attention, you'd know we went with Ikea cabinets. They had their kitchen event on when we went, which meant when we were there on a Saturday afternoon it was busier than a Harry Potter line on opening night! If we weren't bee-lining it for the kitchen section with our already pre-planned kitchen, I would not have been a happy camper (mainly because I would've had to listen to Jason whine like a little baby) But since I'd already planned out the kitchen using the Ikea online tool, we were set. All we had to do was delete a couple things, and make sure we had everything, then the lady went over it with us. We had our sheet printed and our pilled paid within an hour, and the cabinets loaded up in the trailer about 45 minutes after that. Because we bought during their kitchen event we got 10% back in gift cards! And since we spent about $2,300, we got $203 back! WOOT! Which meant we got all the handles free! Even better than free, is when they're 50% off, so we saved on our free hardware haha.

We got a few together, without too much difficulty, and only minor swearing...but we've sort of taken a break from assembling. Why? Well, because we were insulating the outside walls in the kitchen and dining room, and slapped up some drywall. I discovered I have a talent when it comes to putting in the screws. I was very straight, and was pretty decent at getting them at the same depth. So, since I'm jobless now, perhaps I can get a job doing that. Not actually hanging the drywall, just putting in screws hehe.

That's basically what's been happening in Casa Armitage as of late. The pieces are starting to come together, and it's starting to look more and more like a house again! I cannot wait for the day where I can walk through my own house without shoes on!

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