Monday, 13 February 2012

Mood Board Monday - Emma Watson

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, and since we STILL don't have internet (stupid company doesn't seem to want to respond to the many emails I've sent them),  so it's proving a bit more difficult than I would have liked. But, hopefully we will have internet soon. Here's another fun board I've been working on. 

This one takes inspiration from Emma Watson's interesting outfit. I actually really like her shirt, it's bold, and cool, and I would totally wear it, if I could pull it off haha. So with her outfit in mind, I set out to create a fun, yet sophisticated teen girl room. I really don't like pink, so this was a bit more difficult that I initially though, especially since the made up girl (Madelyn) in my head's favourite colour was pink haha, so it clearly needed to be represented.

Refreshing, no? It's girly, with both kid and adult aspects to it, that can transition with her as she grows into an adult.

1. Painting the walls the lighter of the two pinks, "Ballet Slipper Pink" by Martha Stewart Living, and the ceiling the darker "Persimmon Red" (also MSL) allows easier play with the accessorizing colours. And satisfies Madelyn by using her favourite colour.

2. A fun and glamorous chintz chandelier hanging at the foot of the bed, adds a fun pattern on the wall as it glistens. It's super fun way to bring in a traditionally formal aspect, like a   "chandelier" without having the stuffy, old world type associations. It's a great statement piece for her and her friends to admire...and it's on sale for a good price right now too!

3. Some simple shelves such as these from Ikea, spray painted a darker pink (or yellow, or gray) hang off the wall near the bed to house her books, as well as any nick-nacks, or stuffed animals that may need a home. 

4. The "office" area of the room offers a place to be studious, with a desk with plenty of room for paper and supplies, and a great furry chair to remind her to still have fun! Placing the mirror (that's made out of a vintage picture frame and painted a great raspberry colour) above the desk, it allows it to double as a "vanity", a spot where she can put makeup on, and get ready in her own space. (Because those pesky younger brothers she has seem to always be in the bathroom when she needs it)

5. No teen room is complete without a bulletin board to pin up pictures of your friends, and your celebrity crushes. This is an easy DIY Madelyn can do herself, with a large poster frame (which she can paint any colour she wants) and some sheets of cork board. 

6. Slightly more sophisticated bedding with yellow and gray stripes is something that can grow with her to a more adult room down the line. Some nice yellow, and dark gray pillows, and a cozy yellow throw complete the look.

7. A great yellow area rug like this one, or this one placed under the bed, help to anchor the room, and define a sleep space. Or, if a larger rug isn't exactly what she's wanting, a smaller,  circular rug placed at the side of the bed provides some warmth and texture on her feet when she first gets out of bed.

8. Graduating from a small twin bed to a larger double bed is a great feeling. And this fabulous, girly white canopy bed is an excellent choice for Madelyn - who of course spends lots of time chatting on her bed with her girl friends. She has the option of leaving it open,  which is fun, or if she wants some privacy - or to block out that pesky morning sun on weekends - she can put up some curtains, and shut out the world.

9. A slew of fun black and white pillows, like this, thisthisthis, or this accent the bed, or furry chair. A teenage girl can never have too many pillows.

10. A lamp situated on the bed side table, in a fun shape and yellow colour, allow some light white reading, and is again something that is fun, but still able to grow as she does, and could find itself in another room, later on in life.

11. No bedroom is complete without a nightstand, and this option can either stay wood toned, or be painted white, for a more overall coordinated look. It's a fun piece that has more of a modern flair to it, with lots of storage for books, or magazines that are enjoyed while in bed. 

So there's Madelyn's room, I know I'm probably biased, but I really like it. Even though I strongly dislike pink, I could see myself in this room as a teenager.

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