Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Let's give this a shot!

 We have decided to start documenting our quest to find our perfect home. We are in no means looking to find a "perfect" home, instead we are looking to find a house that we can turn it into (some semblance of) our perfect home. So far our quest has not gone too smoothly...we were a little let down. We are beginning to wonder if things are ever going to go our way. The first place we were going to look at reached the end of it's listing and the seller didn't want anymore The second place was even better than the first, bigger, in need of less work, and was a bank foreclosure so really, it was a steal. But, it got snatched up from under us before we were able to get all close and comfortable with it. The third house still remains our favourite. The location was/is beautiful, creek along the side & back of the property, and backing onto a lake! It was like a cottage. It was in quite a state of disrepair though, and unfortunately we had to turn away. The latest house we went through had no hope. I don't really have anything good to say about that place, so we'll just leave it at that.
   We have a few more we'll be viewing in the next few weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

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