Friday, 28 October 2011

House Hunting: The "Park-Like" Lot

We went into this house not really knowing a whole lot about this house. The real estate agent didn’t have any info about property tax or general expenses, and he said, “perhaps the tenant would have that info.” Hmmm, “tenant”…meaning this house is being rented? Is that why there was no pictures for me to peruse before seeing it? Does that mean it’s going to be dirty, and dingy, how did the person living there treat this house? I’m picturing some dirt bag, skeezeball who smokes all the time, creating this nasty layer yellow dinge on everything.

The Stats:
  • ·      Age: “Older” is about all we know at this stage
  • ·      Home size: 1.75 storeys & roughly 1000sq ft? (we’re not totally sure on the size, but that’s what it seemed)
  • ·      Prop. size: 75’ x 175’
  • ·      Bedrooms: 3
  • ·      Bathrooms: 1
  • ·      Other: septic tank & municipal water
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The Pros:
  • ·       Huge lot – which means there’s room for additions if ever needed
  • ·      New High efficiency furnace installed Jan 2011
  • ·      Newer exterior (2009)
  • ·      Thermal insulated windows (on about half the windows)
  • ·      Only about a 20min commute to work
  • ·      There isn’t really anything that NEEDS to be done to it right away (with the exception of the roof which really needs to be done)

The Cons:
  • ·      Closer to the top of the budget, so not a ton of room for immediate changes
  • ·      A little smaller than we are looking for – and due to the location of the septic it makes it harder for additions (they’d be oddly sized & shaped)
  • ·      Bedrooms are quite small (as in one is 7x7!?!)
  • ·      The “closets” are merely holes in the walls with poles in them
  • ·      There is no separate dining room – in fact there isn’t really ANY place to eat (you could fit a 2 person table in the kitchen) OH THE HUMANITY! Where would I host my dinner parties…where the heck would the Moir’s sit, (or even stand)
  • ·      Not much of a driveway – you could fit about a car and a half. I told Jason he gets the half spot…I mean the work van could use a make over right?

The cons definitely outweighed the pros with this one…it was hard to get excited about something that didn’t have a dining room. Is that so much to ask for? Huh? Is it? A place where we can house a large table, and set the good plates? I don’t think so. I knew I wanted a dining room (preferable one that is it’s own room – I’m not really a fan of the open concept), but I didn’t think I felt this strongly about it. I seriously didn’t even want to look at the rest of the house haha. But, did. It took us 5 minutes total to go through the house…and we were being thorough haha. (I told you, it was small) We were ok going through, knowing that we would be able to bump out from the kitchen, to make it larger as well as add a dining room since the yard was so big. But then, alas…the dastardly septic posed a problem. It was only about 8ft from the house, pretty much right in the middle of where we’d want/need to bump it out. So, the addition dreams were gone, and with them the little bit of like we had left for this house. There still are a few more on our list, but we are getting closer to the bottom, and now that we’re coming into winter it’ll probably be even harder to find something.

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