Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween conundrum

So we STILL don't have halloween costumes yet! YIKES...and we have a stag and doe we are going to Friday, and another party Saturday, so needless to say, we really need some. These are the two ideas we've been throwing around.

So, the first idea we had, way back when was to be lawn gnomes, I don't really think it'd be that hard to do. Value Village to find some tacky pants, make a hat out of construction paper...fairly easy. 

The second idea we had (also from way back when) was to be Mary Poppins and Bert. Again, it'd be pretty easy I think. The hardest part I think would be finding the hats, and a vest big enough to fit Jase haha. 

Which do you prefer? Gnomes, or magic Nanny? Or do you have any other ideas of costumes that would be fun? And doable within 3 days haha? Help us make a decision, because you all know that Jason isn't going to make a decision!

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