Friday, 17 January 2014

Inspired By: Closets I Could Live In

Since we currently have two closet projects on the go - a complete overhaul in the nursery, and a minor facelift in the master, I've been having fun getting inspiration from some gorgeous closets. I love me a well organized closet, and I can't wait until ours if functioning at full capacity. I like looking at all the ridiculously large walk-in closets out there, not really practical for us since we don't really own many clothes haha. I have a dream to one day be able to afford my Pinterst wardrobe. Here are some killer closets that have been helping push on the closet revamp.

This is a great example of what you can do with a fairly standard size closet. I love the drawers and shoe storage. Definitely a great use of space. Although this is only the man side of things, I'm sure there's an even bigger ladies version on the other side. But you could still implement many of the same ideas in a standard closet.

This is another effective use of not a lot of space. I like the shoe shelves, it would be more than enough shoe space for me (and Jason if I let him). I think my favourite part of this space is the row of drawers dividing the hanging spaces. Brilliant. They probably have it filled with beautiful jewelry, but I'm more practical, and would most likely shove socks and underwear in them.

A fairly standard sized walk-in I think, looks to be about the same size as what we'd make ours when we renovate the master suite. I feel like they should've raised everything up about a foot to give the hanging clothes more room, so they're not trailing on the ground or the shelf below. We'd definitely have to, one downside to being tall, your clothes are generally bigger.

Ok, can we just take a moment to bask in the gloriousness that is this closet. It's basically the same size as the nursery, so something like this is clearly never going to happen at this house, but I would love something know for all the clothes we don't have.

Both of the closet updates going on in our house are on a much smaller scale. We're just trying to gain more functionality, not win contests haha, but it's fun (and important) to dream, and I think closets are a good place to do that.

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