Friday, 13 April 2012

Kitchen Files: Where to Park Your Keester

A lot of butt talk has been taking place as of late in good ol' Casa d'Armitage. We pretty much figured out what we're doing for the bench area in the breakfast nook, so then we had to move on to the three or four chairs we'd need for the other side of the table. I was initially thinking I wanted to do something like this:

Some fun painted traditional chairs. I figure this would be the easiest (and funnest) way to bring some of the accent red into the kitchen. I like the one on the far right, and the second from left the best. I haven't however, been able to find any quality chairs like that anywhere. I've been searching kijiji/Goodwill for months and continually come up short. They either aren't the kind I'm looking for, or they're a whole set (with table). So I started thinking about other options. Jase and I talked, and we figured since we were being so frugal, and coming under budget with everything else we could "splurge" on the chairs. There was this chair that I saw from the beginning, that I just kept coming back to, so it went to the top of the list.

They are these chairs from West Elm. I love the shape of them, kind of retro-ish, they stack on top of each other, and they're comfy and kind of bouncy (we tested them out when we were in Chicago). But at $83 a pop, they are definitely more of a splurge for us. So I started looking for a few similar choices that are cheaper.

I came across these from here, which actually aren't cheaper at all haha, and Jason doesn't like them anyway, so I guess there out...I think I'd only want one for the end even if I did get them.

Then there's these ones, also from Target that are considerably cheaper, at about $30 a piece...but they do have to be ordered online, and that kind of sucks. I'm also not a huge fan of the rounded top, I prefer the "scoop" look, like the ones from West Elm.

The Gilbert chair from Ikea, which is one of those, kinda like it, kinda don't type thing. Plus, I don't think they even carry it anymore, so it's out too. So that still leaves the ones from West Elm that I've liked from the beginning. 

Then I came across these ones:

There's no link to where they are from, or who makes them, but I love them. The simplicity of them is what strikes me the most. Plus that red one is speaking to me hehe. Jason really likes them too. And they also have a retro, yet modern vibe. 

So now we're at an impasse again. We both like the last chairs the best, but have no idea on where to get them. We could probably make them, the construction of them is fairly simple, and making them would save some money; but we're already making so much, (which I like) that I was looking forward to finally purchasing something. Gaa, I hate when trying to make a decision ends up causing more questions.

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