Thursday, 12 April 2012

Different Strokes

Lets preface this post with hooray, we have internet back, so I can be up dating more frequently!!!

We have been ferociously trying to cross as many things as we can off our to do list, because it is so gratifying to physically cross something off a list! Not to mention it helps with big projects if you break things down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Helps to stop me from becoming a giant crazy person, and makes Jason happy…and it really helps keep us on track. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been able to check off at the almost four month mark:

  • ·      Rip out old cabinets & sink (donate to Habitat Re-Store) although we weren’t able to donate anything because they were custom built-in’s.
  • ·      Rip out nasty carpet & lick ‘n’ stick (as Jase affectionately refers to it
  • ·      Bust out the closet (that was previously the entry closet from old living room)
  • ·      Remove the built in (donate) and take down the random 3ft wall again we weren’t really able to donate it because the doors had to be destroyed in order for it to come out
  • ·      Replace insulation in outside wall we took out the old (and blackened) pink insulation, and doubled our R-rating from 7 to 15, by using the Rock-sol insulation. 
  • ·      Frame up old closet & laundry room entry
  • ·      Replace drywall on outside walls I found my new calling in screwing the boards up!
  • ·      Add/move electrical outlets and lighting we moved a few outlets around, and figured out what sort of lighting we want (mainly just pot lights) order to get all the other moving/replacing done, we've got to get cabinets up.
  • ·      Plumbing rough-ins Jase swapped out the old copper piping in the kitchen with ABS, and also discovered that they had the washer and kitchen sink draining tied into the same (too small) feed…which would explain the draining problems we’d seen.
  • ·      Fix the steps into living room (extending kitchen floor – making it just two steps) 
  • ·      Template out the cabinets (and go buy them before Jan 22) bought them on the 14th, for almost $1,000 under budget, and got our hardware on sale, and thanks to the “cash back”, for free.
  • ·      Take back wall to be even with pantry
  • ·      Replace windows (if can afford)
  • ·      Remove wallpaper Thanks Mer, for your help with that…it went a lot quicker with the two of us
  • ·      Install new – floors, cabinets, counters, appliances, “breakfast nook”, etc
  • ·      Paint (Benjamin Moore – Storm)
  • ·      Tile behind stove 
  • ·      Template & make countertops (black concrete with broken glass)
  • ·      Put up picture wall behind seating area
  • ·      Make  pendant light for over table
  • ·      Get 4 bar stools for peninsula
  • ·      Get chairs for table area (we’ve decided to splurge a bit on the chairs - )
  • ·      Make table & benches for eat-in area

 Dining Room:
  • ·      Rip out carpet
  • ·      Reinsulate the two outside walls (re-drywall) again we doubled the R-rating on two walls here.
  • ·      Replace window (if in the budget)
  • ·      Move overhead light to middle of the room
  • ·      Paint 
  • install decorative moulding/trim to "formalize" the room
  • ·      Refinish table and hutch to match
  • ·      Refinish, reinforce and reupholster chairs
  • ·      Make artwork and put up shelves
  • ·      Make “bar” area
  • ·      Install flooring  (Armstong “natural-antique” engineered hardwood)

Bedroom #2 (aka: Nursery):
  • ·      Rip up carpet
  • ·      Tear down wall in closet (using the linen closet)
  • ·      Close off linen closet from hallway
  • ·      Paint walls
  • ·      Paint ceiling
  • ·      Make and paint new doors for closet (to take up all of that wall)
  • ·      Replace window (when able to afford)
  • ·      Lay new flooring
  • ·      Get and paint crib, & dresser for change table
  • ·      Make bedding & other linens
  • ·      Make light fixture

  • ·      Take out vanity, toilet, tub
  • ·      Rip off tile
  • ·      Rip up linoleum
  • ·      Take out wall between bedroom (eliminating the bedroom closet)
  • ·      Build vanity
  • ·      Pick out floor tile (mono flora in “white”)
  • ·      Pick out shower tile (glass subway tiles in blues/greens)
  • ·      Take out window (that was previously in bedroom)
  • ·      Frame up new wall
  • ·      Drywall new wall
  • ·      Lay floor
  • ·      Put in new tub, toilet & vanity put in a new toilet that the wholesalers gave us cheap to test out. It is comparable to the Cadet 3, and so far it’s been great. Although, we did discover that the floors are WAY out, so you’re sitting on a bit of a slant now haha
  • ·      Tile shower area
  • ·      Build storage towers

Bedroom #1:
  • ·      Tear down wall between laundry room (before kitchen is completed, so we can close off the door from the kitchen) so far we just have a door sized opening
  • ·      Rip up carpet & linoleum stuff (from laundry room)
  • ·      Build closet (using small laundry closet at starting point)
  • ·      Take out window (add a second one if possible)
  • ·      Add another wall (that will be the new wall between the bathroom)
  • ·      Paint (possibly Ben Moore – “dragonfly”)
  • ·      Install new flooring (a medium brown)

Living room:
  • ·      Remove built in & random 3ft wall
  • ·      Rip up carpet (also rip it off the stairs)
  • ·      Scrape stucco from the ceiling (and up staircase)
  • ·      Figure out what’s going on with the messed up bouncy plywood floor – and obviously fix it
  • ·      Properly insulate the floor & walls
  • ·      Replace windows (the larger one first)
  • ·      Build half wall to define entry space
  • ·      Paint (Benjamin Moore “old prairie” & “wythe blue”)
  • ·      Tile entryway area (black penny rounds?)
  • ·      Lay flooring in living area (dark brown – possibly vinyl tile?)
  • ·      Paint & reupholster “bench” for entryway
  • ·      Figure out & install hooks for coats along with more storage
  • ·      Refinish stairs & railings
  • ·      Replace front/back doors
  • ·      Put up new trim

Master area (phase 1):
  • ·      Take off wallpaper
  • ·      Take down tiles again, thanks Mer for the help….she was seriously a monster when it came to taking down those tiles.
  • ·      Add forced air vents
  • ·      Remove old baseboard heaters
  • ·      Replace vanity, mirror & lighting
  • ·      Put up bead board (to cover glue from tiles)
  • ·      Paint walls (Benjamin Moore “stratton blue”
  • ·      Paint floor (either hexagonal or penny-round style)
  • ·      Put up new trim
  • ·      Add some shelving (above toilet)
  • ·      Add forced air vents we have the ducts run to the bedroom, so we have a large gaping whole at the bottom of the wall, Brad still needs to get his butt into the attic to finish running the lines haha.
  • ·      Remove old baseboard heaters
  • ·      Raise closet rods (seriously they’re like 5ft from the ground!)
  • ·      Paint dressers
  • ·      Build or buy (cheap) my night table
  • ·      Make pendant lamp
  • ·      Paint table lamp bases & replace shades
  • ·      Paint walls (MSL “cement gray”)
  • ·      Stencil wall (MSL “anvil”)
  • ·      Replace hardware on dressers & closet doors
  • ·      Replace trim
  • ·      Take out old air-conditioner & fix window
  • ·      GET A NEW BED (which unfortunately probably won’t happen for a while)
  • ·      Build & install floating shelf above bed

So we’ve made some progress on the house to home front, and so far we’re coming in well under budget which makes my heart sing quite a bit, especially since being laid off from a great paying job, and having to move to a minimum wage job money is tight, so anywhere we can save some coin is excellent. 
   During those beautiful warm weeks we had in March we crossed "get rid of the crap from the front of the house" off the list, hopefully if the weather ever warms up again we can cross a few more off the outside to-do list.

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  1. hahahaha Yaaaay i'm so glad the blog is back! I loved reading the list of everything left to do too hahaa, i feel pumped and ready for action now. Let me know what I can do :)