Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes

We didn't even technically own the house for 8 hours before we had the kitchen completely demoed. Seven men, wielding sledge hammers, and bats, and sawzalls who are itching to break things, make short work of something a insignificant of a wall. Or a solid plywood bulk head.

I brought out most of our clothes in suitcases intending to hang them when I got there, but it still smelled too much of stale old person, so I didn't want the smell to seep into our clothes. Not to mention they would've been totally covered in dust. We had every intention to cordon off the kitchen to make it a dust zone...to close the doors to the rest of the house...we planned on taking precautions to try and contain most of the dust in one space...then testosterone took over and all the plans for mess containment was steamrolled.

Once Brent kicked a hole in the wrong wall, there was nothing I could do but get out of their way. After of course, I gave the inaugural sledge swing!

There were punching contests...Jase didn't wind up at all, Brent wound up, and Brad kind of did a running sort of punch.

Movie impressions....

And just a barrel full of shenanegans...

The boys had so much fun that they decided we should buy a house every week, so they can demo stuff. Don't worry guys, there's plenty of demo that will have to happen in the house. MY plan is to space them out enough that all the work still seems fun!

I couldn't believe how quickly they managed to get everything out, and bare looking! when Steph and I left to go on a Timmy's run they were still working on getting out the bulk head and the built in hutch thing. We were gone maybe 10 minutes, and when we got back, they had everything out! No cupboards, no bulk head, not even any floor! I was a bit ridiculous. I was even more impressed with how well they were cleaning up after themselves.

It was fun to be the "forman" and tell them when they could and couldn't do haha. They were still rarin' to go, so I "let" (you know, not wanting to ruin their momentum or anything) them take out the dining room carpet...

and also cut a few bigger holes in the kitchen drywall, and take the carpet from the hallway out...and take the stupid ramp/step thing out. I did have to stop them from taking ALL the drywall off the kitchen walls though, had to draw the line somewhere haha. Favourite part of the whole night had to be when the cute little old next door neighbours came home with all their shopping, seeing all the trucks, and hearing all the noise to exclaim, "oh my goodness, what is going on over there!?" Teehee...if only you knew cute little old man.

Now that we're left with just the bare bones it's much easier to get a better view on the space. I want to template out the cabinets, because I'm still not 100% sure on the exact sizes and pieces that I want. So we'll draw them out on the floor and walls to figure out the best. Jason laughed at me wanting to template them out with paper...but it's easier for me to see when there's an actual paper (or something) on the wall to show the heights, and the spaces and what not...how am I supposed to know how much space will be between the counter and the bottom of the uppers, to best decide which sized uppers to go with. I say, shut-y Jason...I'll do as I please!

So thats' where we're at as of right now. We talked about electrical stuff, and got it all sorted, so now we basically just have to get home from our trip to start banging stuff out!

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