Thursday, 8 December 2011

Kitchen Files: Faucets...Are You For Serious?!

When pulling together a kitchen, there are so many big things that need your focus. Like cabinets, and flooring, and appliances, and paint, and blah blah blah. Things like faucets aren't really on most people's radar until the last minute...but then again I'm not most people am I? Faucets have been on my mind ever since my lovely husband brought me all those pamphlets. I picked two that I liked from the pamphlets I had at the time.

This Price Pfister "Mystique". I like this one because we wanted a goose neck, and I like the pull down spray feature better than the sprayer on the side...and this pull down feature isn't as bulbous as many of the others. (I got enough bulbous action going on around my midsection...don't really need it on my faucet also) This one comes with a soap dispenser (that we wouldn't use) so it was a bit of a waste.

I liked the Delta "trinsic" better than the mystique, but in the pamphlet it said it had the new touch2O technology, which is cool, but Jase and I really don't care about having it, and I figured it'd be a lot more I kind of pushed it aside figuring we couldn't afford it.

Then Jason decided to bring me more pamphlets home...this time Kohler. So I found another one I liked...completely different from the first two. Much more modern. Meet the Kohler "purist".

More sleek, more modern, no goose neck...but freakin' cool looking eh? So then, because I liked it he says, "Moen has one like that, that'd probably cheaper." So he pulled up this baby:

The Moen "90degree". To which I told him he needed to get off my computer and stop showing me more cool ones, because Lord knows I didn't need more options haha. In this picture it doesn't really look like the reach is very far, but it's actually less than an inch smaller reach than the Delta.

I am happy with our options though, because now we have two completely different looks, with two options for each look. All of our options come in a variety of finishes, and we'll mostly likely go with the "brushed chrome", I thought I would prefer the stainless, just because it would "match" a little bit better with the rest of the kitchen, but then I found out that the stainless finishes generally cost more. What?! Why?! BOO! So Jason took my list to his wholesalers to price them out. Lets take a few guesses as to which was the most expensive? First lets talk about retail price...the Kohler was $475 for the chrome, or $640 for the stainless. Ummm, come again? $500 for a kitchen faucet...did anyone else think they were this bloody expensive, or am I alone in my stunned silence? Again I was reminded how lucky I am that I married a plumber who can get fancy faucets for cheaper. His wholesaler price was $370 for the chrome one - still significantly more than I thought we'd pay for a faucet, but more than $100 cheaper than buying retail. That was the most expensive one - but it's Kohler, so we figured it'd be. 
  The one I was most surprised with was the was actually cheaper than I thought. You can in fact get it without the Touch2O, so that's great, and his wholesaler said it would be $275. Wanna know how much it is with the Touch2O? Keep in mind this is still wholesale price...drumroll please...NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!! Gaa, I did a spit take when he told me, and got water al over the car window! A thousand bucks for a faucet, what the eff...who would buy that!? Yikes. The Moen was around $250 and the Price Pfister was around $200. The second wholesaler told Jase that he would most likely be able to get another 20% off on top of those prices so that'd be even better.

So to recap:
 Goose neck options
Price Pfister = $200
Delta = $250   Modern options
Kohler = $370
Moen = $250

We are going to scratch the Kohler one off the list right away, because a) it's far too expensive (even with the great discount) and b) the second wholesaler (who's offered to give us an extra 20%) doesn't carry Kohler.  We've also decided to cross the Price Pfister off the list...why? well because we like the Delta better, and for 50 bucks it's not worth settling. Also, Jason says the Price Pfister used to be a really crappy brand, and while they've come a long way he still doesn't really feel comfortable putting one in his house. (In case something happens he knows for sure the Delta won't be hard to repair) So now are contenders are

The Delta Trinsic. OR...

The Moen 90degree. And I really don't know which I like better!? GAAA! So I'm in no better shape than before. Well I suppose a bit better, because I know the price...but they're essentially the same price, so that doesn't really change anything. Which do you guys prefer? The sleeker more traditional goose neck, or the more modern one?

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