Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Countdown, a Plan, and Some Reassurance

In case you couldn't tell I have a few things to go over today...first up a countdown! Well actually a few countdowns...

  27 days until we leave for the cruise
  26 days until we have to have everything packed and moved out of the apartment
  24 days until CHRISTMAS!
  21 days until we get our house!!!
  AANNNDDD mere hours until my mom gets her new condo! (looking forward to Christmas dinner at the new place)
Both Jason and I are looking forward to watching those numbers shrink. With the exception of the having everything packed and moved day...I hate packing, with. a. passion. I am terrible at it...I either meticulously pack boxes, carefully piling & stacking everything neatly - or, I toss crap in them,  and get frustrated when the lid won't close, then my OCD kicks in and I have to repack everything I tossed in. I am a good labeler...I can label the shit out of a bin - I know exactly where a bin is to go, and what is in it. Jason, is naturally no help, and no one likes packing alone. Jason goes beyond the realm of not helping, and actually tells me to stop. Here is what happened the other night while we were watching TV:

  Me: Packing all the "bigger" stuff from the kitchen we won't use in a month (like serving platters, and fancy glasses etc.) Ripping paper off the newsprint roll to wrap breakables in.
  Jase: Watching TV, turns up the volume...twice
  Me: "Babe, can you please go reach down the stuff on top of the cupboards in the kitchen?"
  Jase: shoots a dirty look, "seriously?"
  Me: "Yes, seriously."
  Jase: "Can I at least wait until the commercials?"
  Me: "Sure." Commercials roll around. I wait for about 3 before I ask again.
  Jase: "Fine."
  Me: Continue to rip and wrap the new pile of things from the kitchen
  Jase: Shoots me a dirty look, "you're killin' me smalls. Could you be any louder!? I'm trying to
             watch TV"
  Me:  Begin to rip paper slower, and louder...use way more paper than I probably needed trying
           to be louder.
  Jase: "apparently you can."
  Me: "Muahahahahaha" 

Then I had to stop packing. Even though he wasn't in an overly serious mood, he ruined my momentum, and the half packed box is still sitting behind the couch - and I haven't really packed anything since.

Ok, Next up is "A Plan". Part fun, part practical, and part keep me busy for the 3.5 days a week I no longer have to work. So, the plan is to do a 25 days of DIY Christmas. Make something different each day starting Dec 1. I have lots of decorations running around in my head that I've been wanting to make, and I made the excuse, "there's no point of decorating since we're moving." I call bull on myself...I love the decorations of the Christmas season, and I want some pretties up in my house - and if I can't display them all, then at least I'll have some lovely decorations on the ready for next year. I also need to make our stockings, since we're not doing any big gifts (we thought the house is big enough) we're just doing smaller gifts shoved into an oversized sock. So, starting this afternoon I'll be posting a "craft" a day. Here's some of my pinspiration:

Plus, a bunch more ideas! This should be a fun challenge for me...maybe I'll make a number of gifts this year too?

Last up is the reassurance I was talking about. I had originally picked the Stormy Monday colour for the walls, and then (for whatever reason) began second guessing myself. Again, this is something Jason is no help with haha. Especially since they're all gray - he can't really understand the difference past "light gray" and "dark gray" haha. So, I'd like to thank everyone for the 100% unanimous decision that Stormy Monday is the best choice, becuase it just reassures me that I made the right choice to begin with. They always say "just go with your gut" right? So, in the spirit of going with my gut, (and the number of you who agreed) the kitchen wall colour will be:

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