Friday, 28 February 2014

The State of Things

Who loves winter? This girl, right here! Who's so over this winter? This girl, right here - along with I'm sure everyone in our region. I love snow, I think it's pretty, I love playing in it and looking at it and walking around in it...but I am SO sick of these frigid temps. I can't ever remember more consecutive days of nostril hair freezing in my life! I'm not necessarily asking for spring quite yet, just perhaps if we could up the average temperate from -16 to -3 that'd be fantastic, and it would feel like spring! I've been blessed that I am able to stay home with LaLa*, but this winter has been tough on me, and poor Kai. We haven't been able to get out as much as I would have liked. It seemed like any day I had it in my head we'd try for a walk it was colder than Mars, or a blizzard, or so windy the dog started floating away like a balloon. We did manage to get out a couple times to enjoy the beauty of winter...

but we are all definitely suffering from a bit of cabin fever. This cold winter is making me lazy :( being home pretty much all day everyday is slowly killing me. I often sit around and do nothing. It seems like any day I have in my mind I'm going to clean, or do a project, or organize something LaLa decides to practice her demon child routine and will only want to be held, or played with or read to, all day - and those are also the days where she seems to care less about sleeping. On the opposite end, it seems like the days where I'm exhausted and just want to sit around and veg and do nothing, she's fine being on her own and has marathon naps, making me feel like a useless slug. 

SO, I need to do something about it! I've recently started getting into a better cleaning/tidying routine so the house doesn't look like a bomb went off after a tornado went through (huzzah), so I figured it would be a good idea to start trying to check a few things off my "to-do" list. My goal is, that for March (and hopefully longer) I will accomplish one or two things a week from my long list of half-finished or barely-started projects. As well as a couple things that I've had on the docket for a while but haven't started - so I don't have to listen to Jason complain about me starting another project when they're "a million" on the go already. Some things are small, easy little things, others are more involved, and some are things that I have no idea why they aren't already done haha (3rd coat of paint in the dining room?!)

I'm hoping that by setting a goal of at least one thing a week, it will help me feel a bit more accomplished, like I'm actually doing something, as well as make Jason more of a happy camper - so that he'll help me with a few of the things I need want him to do for me. So here's my keep me accountable! Spam me, harass me, tell me you'll never be my friend again if I don't get things finished and posted! (I know Mer and Steph will be good at that hehe) I've got so many good things on the go that I really want to show off, and hopefully it'll distract me until Spring!

*LaLa is a nickname we use with her. In order to maintain confidentiality I won't be using her given name on the blog. 

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