Monday, 17 June 2013

Listy McGhee

Since our last assessment got pushed back yet again (this time it wasn't our fault) we have more time to get rooms actually finished. (Well at least get finishes done, even if the rooms won't be completely done.) So I did what comes naturally for a crazy person, and wrote out about 6 different lists of what we have to do before that time. So here's the list of what we're hoping going to get done by July 21.

o   Clean out
o   Rip up carpet
o   Remove wallpaper
o   Paint
o   Install floor
o   Cut out bigger closet
o   Make closet doors
o   Get dresser for change table
o   Upholster chair

o   3rd coat of paint
o   get picture ledge up and painted
o   picture moulds
o   base/window and door casing
o   pick up buffet
o   get electrical sorted out
o   Install Octa
o   Finish hutch project

o   Case and base
o   Make sure all outlets and switches are in working order
o   Mud holes
o   Touch up paint
o   Bottle storage shelf
o   Coffee/tea shelf
o   Open shelving by stove
o   Finish toe kick
o   Counters on peninsula cabinets

o   Tidy
o   Remove  electrical wires
o   Cut out “step”
o   Organize closet

  (how is it I still have no pictures of our living room?!)
o   Get rid of shower
o   Take out built-in
o   Move TV
o   Get rid of couches
o   Bring brown couch over
o   Put switches at doors
o   Organize
o   Pick up chest for shoe storage

o   Finish painting hall
o   Base in bath
o   Shelf in bath
o   Curtains (dye & install)
o   Paint closet
o   Install closet organizer
o   Put up canvas in bathroom
o   Art in hallway

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