Monday, 13 May 2013

Nursery Mood Board: Scottish Bairn

It's been a little while since I've posted a mood board about a fun nursery. This one is one of my favourites, Jason and I both really like it, and could totally see our child taking up residence in a room like this. We both would love love love to go to Scotland, we've got a trip planned for when we meet certain goals in our life (and save up enough money). So until that time I'll live vicariously through pictures of the gorgeousness that is Scotland, and this cute little nursery.

1. This overhead light looks like it's wearing a sweater knit by your grandma!
2. A beautiful fine art oil painting of the Scottish Highlands. Oh how I'd love to be there.
3. Haud Yer Wheesht! Means Hold your quiet, or Hush, be quiet. Perfectly fitting for a nursery, no?
4. Along with rugby and Nessie, Shetland Ponies always make me think of Scotland. If you're not lucky enough to have a bunch of these weird little creatures tromping around in pastures near you to take a picture of, that's sad. Just google them, there's a ton of great pictures you could frame.
5. A branch lamp base paired with a simple white shade; rustic and charming, just like any Scot who opens his mouth.
6. It can't be a Scottish room without a nod to rugby...they love their rugby. We also love rugby, I picked up this ball from a 7's tournament Jase was in in NYC a couple years ago, and it's totally going in our child's room. Jason has said on more than one occasion he wants enough kids to outfit at least a 7's team.
7. A room deriving inspiration form Scotland isn't complete without something related to Nessie. There's so many cute prints on Etsy, like this one, or this one, or this one.
8. A flag shield to protect yourself from all those English invaders. This would be a pretty easy DIY with some leftover pieces of wood, or even a piece of ply.
9. I love postcards. We've collected a few from every trip we've been on, and I love when people send us postcards, so a vintage postcard would be a great addition to an art wall.
10. A vintage map of Scotland, to talk over all the places we'll go visit when we're there.
11. I once heard a Scottish comedian making fun of the fact that the thistle is the Scot's national symbol, and how they must've shown up dead last to pick that one, right behind us Canadians who get a leaf. Funny. These little thistle buttons would look really cute pinned together in a group of four in a shadow box on a fabric backing.
12. The cutest little sheep bookends ever, and since I couldn't really justify spending $135 (plus who knows how much to ship to Canada - if they even do) you could make your own (or rope a talented friend into doing it) (Use a cute crochet pattern like this one then stuff it with something to weight it down)
13. Refinish an old dresser into something that looks great, and will serve double duty as a changing area.
14. Keep the toes warm in the winter with this furry sheep like rug. Also would be fun to roll around in and run your face would probably like to do the same.
15. The Strandmon chair from Ikea, so lovely. This is what we plan to do with one of our wing backs that we'll use in our nursery.
16. Coordinate with some cute pillows, like this cute hounds-tooth one, or this plaid tartan one.
17. Hello adorable Nessie plush. I can't decide if I'd want to use this as a plush toy for baby, or stuff it full of something heaving to use it as a cute door stop. Either way, she's super cute and soft looking.
18. Dirty laundry should not have to be ugly, especially when it's cute little baby clothes. A woven basket would make a great laundry hamper.
19. Prop your feet up on this little plaid ottoman after a long hard day
20. The Sparrow by Oeuf.
21. Get some cute gingham sheets for the crib, and pair it with a quilt in your family tartan. Or just any tartan that you think looks good.

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