Saturday, 5 January 2013

Over The Sink & Through The Window

Since we're making progress in the kitchen, I thought I'd take the time to discuss the lighting situation in the kitchen. Before, the entire space was lit with an old, off centred, and odd angled, florescent light, a ceiling fan, and one little globe light (if you could even call it that)

Here's what it looked like when we moved in. Man, look how tiny that kitchen was! (The pictures seriously don't to it justice, I should've taken a picture of me standing in it for reference) Don't you just love the pinkish sort of glow that's reflecting back in that little nook from the wallpaper?

 It's hard to believe that's what the kitchen used to look like...with carpet! Even the empty space we have is an improvement over that. Now that walls have been removed, paint has gone up and cabinets are (mostly) installed we can get our electrician (aka: cousin Adam) to come back and change things up in the lighting department for us. Our table and benches will be in the corner roughly where the old closet & hutch were, and benches will go all the way across the window, so we'll be moving the lighting from the fan over so we can hang a pendant over the table (instead of in front of the fridge). We're going to swap out the old globe light (that broke during demo anyway) with a pot light, and we'll be adding 5 more pot lights spaced throughout evenly. We bought those ages ago, and if memory serves have a stainless face plate. It'll be so nice to have electricity working in this room again...right now we have an old floor lamp plugged into the one working outlet, and since it gets middle of the night dark at about 4 in the bloody afternoon it gets a little difficult to work in the evening. 
  And over the sink (which is staying in the same spot it was before) we'll be hanging a pendant. I flip flopped on what I wanted there more than anything else so far. Which seems a little weird. First I flip flopped between pendant or pot light. Then once I decided on a pendant it was back and forth between various different lights. I had originally DIYed something.

  I started with a flower pot from Ikea...

Spray painted it red, drilled a hole through the bottom and strung it on a pendant cord, then held it up trying to get an idea of what it'd look like. 

It looks cute red, but the scale just wasn't right, and I wasn't 100% happy with it. I figured it was mostly due to the fact that it wasn't up and I couldn't fully appreciate it.  Then during one of my weekly ReStore perusals I found it. THE light. I'm on the lookout for a decent looking chandelier that I can revamp for the dining room, so I always make a beeline for the lighting area - like a pregnant lady for the pickles. They didn't have a chandy that stuck my fancy, but I spotted something just as good, and some slid over and scooped it up faster than a bat outta hell (not that I know for certain how fast they are - but I hear they're pretty darn speedy)

Ain't she a beaut! It's a cracked glass, bulb shaped pendant with stainless plates. And it's considerably bigger than the little pot, so it will be able to hold it's own above the hefty sink.

Here's a little comparison...

Woot woot! I got it for  $20! I've tried to find similar ones online or in store, and the cheapest comparable one I saw was $90 (or there was a $60 plastic version from Home Depot). I can't wait to get it up, it's going to make the coolest light shadows.
  Yay for the ReStore, now if only I can find the chandy, dressers, desk, and chair I'm looking for too haha. 

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