Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Kitchen Files: Movin' on up...

...well kind of. There have been some new developments in the kitchen that are worth sharing. First...

we got the stove hooked up!!! FINALLY! Throughout the day last Thursday I would periodically break out into a happy dance, and there was also a whole lot more fist-pumping going on than in an average day. The thought of being able to cook even spaghetti in a fraction of the time it has taken me for the past year got me all giddy. Our first meal cooked was a delicious roasted chicken and vegetables. It's already got quite the workout, and I look forward to continuing to put it through its paces. 

We also moved the fridge into its rightful home when we did the stove. And it got a well deserved scrub down to commemorate it's new place, and a subsequent grocery shop has filled her up and let her bask in glory.

This past weekend we also FINALLY cleaned out the dining room of all the crap that was being housed in there (and by we, I actually mean Jason!). Mind you he mostly just moved the majority of it to another room, but it was clear & clean enough for us to get at the cabinets to put the rest of them together.

Plus it's quite amazing to see it all cleaned out like that. Now if I can just motivate him to get the mud scraped and off the floor, so I can prime and paint and lay floor, it'd be like a fairy tale.

After he cleaned out the dining room, he got to fixing the one burner on the stove that wasn't working. He managed to get the power burner working, but this is was the simmer burner looked like after he "fixed" it.
Umm...hello singed nose hair! You notice the nice blue flames on the outside - that's what it's supposed to look like haha. I was tempted to run across to the store and grab a big ol' bag of marshmallows and start singing campfire songs, but I was too busy laughing and trying to get a picture. After tweaking some more, he managed to legitimately fix it, and now we have four working burners and a working oven, so I am like a pig in mud I'm so happy. 

We also started building the bases for the base cabinets to get mounted on, so by this time next week we should have them all installed, and then I can actually store my kitchen things. In. the. kitchen. It is definitely a step in the right direction, and yes, a step that shouldn't have taken 11 months to reach. 

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